Guild of Philippine Jewellers, Inc. - About Us

The national organization that promotes the transformation and growth of Philippine jewelry industry, in a manner consistent with national policies and aspirations.


We are committed to the transformation of the Philippine jewelry industry into a significant contributor to the national economy for the millennium by bringing about meaningful changes towards its development. We take the lead in setting industry standards to ensure expansion of employment opportunities and provide support to the international marketing of Philippine jewelry.


Board of Trustees - By 2013 2014

Mia Florencio (T. Florencio), President
Suzette Ayson (JMA Jewelry Center), Vice President
Amelita Co (New Life Jewellery), Treasurer
Alexandra Faustmann (Michelis), Corporate Secretary

Mondy Mondonedo (Jewelmer), Trustee
Asuncion Faustmann (7 Castles), Trustee
Aaron Atienza (Goldenas), Trustee
Loiue Gutierrez (Ocampo's Fine Jewellery), Trustee
Mary Ann Guevarra (Lanero), Trustee