Guild of Philippine Jewellers, Inc. - Features


The Guild of Philippine Jewellers, Inc. has been identified by Pearl2 Project as one of the Business Support Organizations (BSO) under its Sectoral Enhancement (SE) component to receive technical and financial assistance, including training programs, market and export enhancement, production studies, policy and advocacy.

Private Enterprise Accelerated Resource Linkages (Phase II) Project

Goal: To contribute to the reduction of poverty in the Philippines through equitable, sustainable development

Purpose: To support the development of small and medium enterprises that creates meaningful jobs for both men and women through the strengthening of Business Support Organizations (BSO) and Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs)

Implementing Agencies: A partnership of two Canadian-based organizations, the British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Pearl2 is a CIDA flagship project for Private Sector Development in the Philippines

Guild Testimonials on Pearl2's support

"The financial subsidies extended by Pearl2 to the participants in the Vicenza, Italy shows have been a great help. The financial burden of travel and show expenses was reduced. This enabled us to channel additional company funds to expanding and designing new collections as well as investing in the actual show items. Participating in foreign shows is always an eye-opener and we have Pearl2 to thank for - for giving us the opportunity to continue doing the Vicenza shows."

- Mr Benjamin Aragon, Sanara, Inc.

"Pearl2's financial assistance has helped Sterling Gifts, Inc. (SGI) maximize and expand its marketing budget. This has created more marketing opportunities in a shorter period, helping the company meet its targets. For this, SGI is grateful to Pearl2 and its staff."

- Ms. Maria Luisa Unson, Sterling Gifts, Inc.

"Pearl2's financial subsidy has helped us save on show expense. With the savings, we were able to use the funds for other projects."

- Ms. Ana Marie Echevarria, Jewelmer International

"With the funding assistance from Pearl2, 7 Castles, Inc. is starting to expand its export market. The subsidies have helped 7 Castles to use its earnings for the improvement of the company's manufacturing methods and thereby decrease costs."

- Ms. Mia Faustmann, 7 Castles, Inc.

"The holistic approach of Pearl2 in its provision of support to the Guild will definitely give a lasting impact, not only to the individual members, but to the jewelry industry itself. The capability programs, seminars, funding and research assistance are beneficial to the long-term operation and sustainable development of our sector."

- Ms. Grace del Rosario, GPJI

"In behalf of our company, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Canadian government-PEARL2 and to the persons who facilitated the workshop and seminar, which helped us a lot in finding and identifying the solutions to the common problems of the jewelry industry and for extending technical and financial assistance to us. We hope that this is just the beginning of a long-term relationship between our company and the rest of the participating SME, who like us, acquired information, knowledge, and prepared us to further realize what has to be done to cultivate our skills and talent in jewelry making, thus, helping the government create job opportunities, and our sector by eventually penetrating the international market in exporting our own handcrafted jewelry."

- Jeanie Nolasco, New Life Jewelry


  • GPJI spearheaded jewelry export drive through participation in international and local shows and trade fairs:

    1. MANILA F.A.M.E
    2. Vicenza Oro and Orogemma Fair in Italy
    3. Hong Kong International jewelry Fairs (every March and September)
    4. International Japan Tokyo

  • GPJI featured jewelry collection’s at a show in Glorietta, Makati entitled, “Magaalahas: The Philippine Jewellery Show” held Feb. 3-5, 2006
  • Participated in the Vicenza Trilogy – Vicenza Oro, Vicenza Oro 2, Orogemma
  • Participated in Hong Kpong International Show in March and September